Free UPSC CSE Pre-Foundation NCERT Course 2024: IAS Origin

  • Understanding the needs of UPSC CSE preparation, IAS Origin brings pre-foundation NCERT Course 2024. 
  • Our experts have created detailed video lecture series to help lay the foundation for success in the UPSC examination. 

Experts at IAS Origin brings forth a free pre-foundation NCERT Course 2024 for budding UPSC CSE aspirants. The initiative is aimed at developing a strong foundation, & understanding the critical concepts extensively covered in National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks.     

In this unique course we shall provide a series of meticulously created series of recorder videos. Providing the aspirants with curated content to learn at their own pace and convenience. Through these recorded live videos an aspirant can gain a deep and comprehensive insight into various required subjects. Thereby laying a strong groundwork for success in the upcoming UPSC CSE. 

Key Features of UPSC CSE Pre-Foundation NCERT Course

At IAS Origin our experts have curated this offering providing subject wise coverage, giving concept clarity and facilitating interactive learning. These pre-recorded videos are created in close collaboration with our field experts giving an aspirant a comprehensive and a convenient learning experience. 

Our Key Features

Recorded Live Video Lectures

Subject-wise Coverage

Concept Clarity

Flexibility in Learning

Interactive Learning

Reinforcement of Knowledge through Quizzes and Assignments

Doubt Resolution

Guided Learning

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Our Salient Features

Here are the salient features of our Integrated Prelims & Mains Programme – Pro.

The course comes with a series of pre-recorded & live video lectures prepared by our subject experts. We have made sure that these videos capture the essence of interactive live classes, and have made it to facilitate an engaging and informative learning experience.

We have tried to provide subject-wise coverage in this series of recorded videos. Aspirants will have the opportunity to reassess the content on History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Science & Technology, Environment, etc. Our experts are aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The recorded videos are aimed at providing the concept clarity to preparing aspirants. Expert educators have skillfully broken down the complex topics in palatable forms. This ensures simpler explanations leading aspirants to gain a better grasp of the fundamentals effectively.

With these recorded live videos, aspirants have the flexibility to learn and relearn the concepts at individual pace. These lectures can be accessed at the time & place  appropriate for the candidate. Thereby facilitating the convenience of self-paced learning experience.

During the making of this service we have made sure that we keep the interactive elements intact. Using graphics, visual aids and real-life learning examples, our experts have tried to ensure that the aspirant remains engaged in the learning process.

Learning is only the first step, understanding is another. In the pre-foundation course we ensured that aspirants can participate in quizzes and assignments integrated in the recorded videos. Such activities would instil the knowledge gained in a comprehensive manner.

Apart from learning through this video series, aspirants will have the opportunity to clear their doubts. We have multiple channels to facilitate this, like discussion forums, etc. Our team is dedicated to providing the support needed for a deep understanding.

It should be noted that these videos are curated by experienced educators having years of experience under their belt. Thereby ensuring that the aspirant receives the guided learning scenario via our well structured content.

Preparing for UPSC CSE is a daunting task in itself, while gaining success is a whole different scenario. But as it is said, for a tall building a strong foundation is necessary, with this course, we are helping the aspirant build a pre-foundation before starting the real preparation for the examination. 

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