UPSC CSE Hard Copy Reference Study Material: General Studies

  • Our experts have created GS centric study material for UPSC CSE preparation. 
  • We’ve provided in depth knowledge on subject matter, available to you with the course material.  

Preparing for the UPSC CSE is a huge task & requires utmost dedication, IAS Origin provides hard copy study material for GS papers. Our experts have curated a well structured study material for General Studies papers, helping aspirants towards success. We are proud to showcase this comprehensive collection of over 5000 pages. 

Each of this book is meticulously designed by experienced educators and subject experts to provide you the best knowledge in a concise format. These books are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and cover all the essential points required for the UPSC CSE. Our structured representation facilitates easy understanding. 

Why IAS Origin GS Study Material is Unique

We truly understand the importance of convenience and accessibility of quality study materials during preparation. Once the order is placed or the course is opted, our extensive hard copy material will arrive at your doorstep in days. Aspirants can then go through them at their own convenience, at home without worrying about referring to other materials. 

At IAS Origin we are dedicated to provide the aspiring students with the best resources to make their dream come true. Our hard copy study material will serve as the guiding light and prove to be a valuable companion in your preparation journey. We can say that our study material can open the doors of success for you. 

Here is the list of books you shall get if you opt for our courses. 

List of Hard Copy Study Material

International relations

Indian Society


Science & Technology

Geography Part I & II

Indian Polity Part I & II

History of Modern India

History of the World

Environment & Ecology

Internal Security

Disaster Management

Governance in India

Ethics Case Studies

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude Part I & II

Art & Culture

History of Post Independence India

History of Medieval India

History of Ancient India

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Our Salient Features

Our book will facilitate a comprehensive understanding of International relations, covering the key concepts, theories, global institutions & contemporary issues that potentially shape the world.

Explore the diversity of Indian Society by delving into its social structure, cultural diversity, social movements, and the current social issues reshaping the demography.

Master the fundamental concepts of economics. Our study material touches microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic development, Indian Society and the influence of current economic policies.

We help you get updated with the knowledge of the latest development in Science & technology. Gain insights about advancement in various fields, understand their applications and possible impact on society.

Understand the core concepts of geography, physical geography, climatology, geomorphology and other similar concepts in Part I. While Part II covers the knowledge of human geography, population studies, regional planning and environmental geography.

Part I course material will help you understand the intricacies of Indian polity, the Constitution of India, the political system, how governance functions and the importance of constitutional bodies. While Part II explores the political structure of India, including the state and local governments. Also includes administrative divisions & intergovernmental relations.

Experience the richness of Indian History, uncover the significant events, personalities and movements that shaped the Indian subcontinent from the 18th century to the present times.

Dive into the exciting world history and gain insights on major civilizations, revolutions, industrialization, decolonization and major global events. World history is a whole different subject all by itself.

Understand the intricacies of environmental issues, & how they are potentially affecting our everyday life. Also, cover the concepts of conversation, sustainable development, climate change and biodiversity.

Gain insights on the matters of Internal Security. We have covered the essential topics like security challenges, terrorism, insurgency, cyber security & border management. As a Civil Servant you might have to deal with the threats to our internal security.

Disasters always come unannounced, and a better understanding of its management strategies, risk assessments, mitigation, preparedness, response & recovery can immensely help  in your career. Saving lives is a feeling like no other.

Explore the principles and practices undertaken by the world’s biggest democracy, India. We have covered the concepts of transparency, accountability, e-governance & the analysis of public politics.

Ethics and morals are considered to be the foundation of a civil servant. Our book helps you to understand these ethics via real-life studies. These case studies will help enhance your critical thinking, decision making skills and ethical reasonings.

The Part I course material will help in laying a foundation for ethical theories, concepts, values, integrity and moral philosophies. While in Part II,  we would try to deepen the understanding of ethical dilemmas, ethical governance, emotional intelligence and aptitude.

We help you dive deep in the rich cultural heritage of India. Our experts have covered the art, architecture, literature, music, dance & folk traditions that go back centuries.

India has come a long way since its independence in 1947. Explore the changes in socio-political landscape, along with developments in economic and cultural aspects of the country. How major reforms, policies and challenges shaped the country to its current state.

Unravel the richness of Indian Medieval history, how dynasties, empires influenced the nation. How did the cultural developments and socio economic challenges were dealt with in creating a country which was among the richest at the time.

Our history goes back 1000s of years. Explore ancient India, study the Indus Valley Civilization, the Vedic Age, Mauryan and the Gupta empires, etc. How they influenced the history of the significant epoch.

It should be taken into account that these books are a mixture of years of experience and expertise on the subject matter. Moreover, this set is only available after you purchase our courses. Our experts have dedicated time in transferring knowledge via these books.

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