UPSC IAS Integrated Prelims Mains

Are you aspiring to crack the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2025 and embark on a rewarding career in the civil services? Look no further! Our UPSC IAS Integrated Prelims Mains Programme 2025 (Premium Plan) is tailored to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective preparation for this prestigious exam. With a perfect blend of live classes, study materials, tests, mentorship, and personalized support, this program is designed to empower you to achieve your dream of becoming a civil servant.

The UPSC IAS Integrated Prelims Mains Programme 2025 (Premium Plan) is a one-stop solution to transform your UPSC preparation journey. From live classes, study materials, and tests to personalized mentorship and daily progress analysis, we leave no stone unturned to support your success. Enroll now and embark on a path that leads you to triumph in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2025.  

Integrated Prelims Mains Programme 2025


  • General Studies Live Classes

  • Unlimited Recorded Access

  • G.S Hard Copy Study Material 

  • Weekly Tests

  • Prelims Test Series (50 Tests)

  • Mains Tests (35 Tests)

  • One to One Mentorship 

  • Personalized Strategy

  • Personalized Timetable and Daily Progress Analysis

  • Unlimited Doubt Resolution 

  • Mains Essay + Answer Writing sessions by Experts

  • Daily Current Affairs PDFs

  • CSAT Classes

  • Economic Survey Classe

  • Budget Classes

  • Platform For Group Discussion

  • 1 Year Validity 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Get access to engaging and interactive live classes conducted by seasoned experts in various fields of General Studies. These classes cover essential topics from History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Science & Technology, Environment, and Current Affairs, ensuring you have a strong foundation in all relevant subjects.

Missed a live class? No worries! With unlimited recorded access, you can review the sessions at your convenience and revise the concepts as many times as you need.

Complement your live classes with well-curated, comprehensive study material in hard copy format. Our study materials are meticulously crafted to provide you with in-depth knowledge and serve as a valuable resource during revision.

Consistent evaluation is crucial to measure your progress. Our weekly tests ensure that you remain on track with your preparation and identify areas that need improvement.

Ace the UPSC Prelims with confidence through our meticulously designed test series. These 50 tests are tailored to simulate the real exam environment, enabling you to gauge your preparedness and fine-tune your strategies.

Master the art of writing effective answers with our Mains Test series. These 35 tests will help you develop a structured approach to answer writing and enhance your analytical and presentation skills.

Our expert mentors will provide personalized guidance and support throughout your journey. They will analyze your strengths and weaknesses, create a custom study plan, and motivate you to stay focused on your goals.

We understand that each aspirant’s needs are unique. Our personalized strategy and timetable will help you manage your time efficiently, ensuring no topic is left unexplored.

Stay updated on your progress with daily performance analysis. Track your strengths and weaknesses, and address areas that require immediate attention.

Clear all your doubts without any hesitation! Our experienced faculty is always available to provide prompt and effective solutions to your queries.

Writing captivating essays and articulate answers is essential for UPSC Mains success. Our expert-led sessions will equip you with the skills to craft compelling essays and well-structured answers.

Stay informed with our daily current affairs PDFs, covering national and international events. These concise yet comprehensive PDFs will keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings.

Prepare for the CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) with dedicated classes. Strengthen your aptitude, comprehension, and decision-making skills to excel in this qualifying paper.

Understand the intricacies of the Economic Survey and Budget with our specialized classes. Gain insights into economic concepts and government policies for the Mains Examination.

Engage in group discussions with fellow aspirants and improve your communication and critical thinking abilities. Exchange ideas and gain new perspectives through healthy discussions.

With a validity of one year, you will have ample time to make the most of our integrated program and thoroughly prepare for the UPSC CSE 2024.