UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Max for Civil Service Aspirants

  • At IAS Origin we are thrilled to provide UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Max version. 
  • We strongly feel that every aspirant can become an officer if proper guidance is provided. 

If you are an UPSC aspirant looking for the right self study strategy, our UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Max at 18,999 can be the answer. Leveraging on comprehensive experience and successful track record, we at IAS Origin have created UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Max, to help you clear both Prelims and Mains, for civil service aspirants.

Navigating the Self Study Maze for UPSC Civil Service Aspirants

Apart from attending expensive classes, an aspirant must devote considerable time to self study, building a strategy, getting correct evaluation, etc. We understand these needs and crafted a comprehensive UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Max to cover the two main stages of the examination. 

Devoting a significant time to self study is equally important, moreover a good strategy can be the difference between success and failure. Also, an aspirant needs proper assessment by test series, and find tools that add value to the preparation. We at IAS Origin understand the scenario and created a comprehensive self study kit. 

UPSC IAS Origin Self Study Kit 2024 Max

Experts at IAS Origin created the Max version of our prestigious UPSC IAS Origin Self Study Kit, providing the following benefits at just 18,999. 

  • Prelims Test Series (50 Tests).
  • Mains Test Series (25 Tests).
  • One-to-One Mentorship (Video Format).
  • Personalised Time Table & Daily Reporting.
  • Strategy Building. 
  • Two Teacher Advantage.
  • Unlimited Doubt Resolution
  • Main Essay & Answer Writing Sessions. 
  • Daily Current Affairs PDFs
  • Economic Survey Classes. 
  • Budget Classes. 
  • Platform for Group Discussions.

Our Max version is designed to help for both Prelims and Mains examination. It  facilitates 50 tests focused on Prelims, and 25 tests designed for Mains. We are proud to facilitate One-to-One mentorship in video format, thereby providing a guiding light to success.  

Another thing that bothers an aspirant of time table, we facilitate creation of a personalised time table and ensure it is being followed by daily reporting. We also help in building a well thought strategy suited to your needs, and provide a two teacher advantage greatly helping in your preparation. 

With our unlimited doubt resolution sessions we try to address all your doubts. During mains examination, aspirants’ writing skills are judged via essays and answer writing. We provide in depth guidance for the same. We help in keeping you updated by providing daily current affairs PDFs. 

Sometimes remembering vast topics and important dates is cumbersome, hence we provide value added materials in PDF format to provide you with jist or an easier way to keep the details in mind. We also provide live classes for economics survey and budget, along with facilitating platforms for group discussions. 

We at IAS Origin strongly believe that every aspirant has the potential to get selected and become a civil servant. We are dedicated and committed to help every aspirant’s dream come true. Book  consultation with our team and procure the UPSC IAS Origin Self Study Kit 2024 Max, today.



18,999 only
  • Prelims Test Series (50 Tests)
  • Mains Tests (35 Tests)
  • One-to-One Mentorship (Video Mentorship)
  • Personalized Timetable and Daily Reporting
  • Strategy Building
  • Two Teacher Advantage
  • Unlimited Doubt Resolution
  • Mains Essay + Answer Writing Sessions
  • Daily Current Affairs PDFs
  • CSAT Classes
  • Value Added Materials (PDF format)
  • Economic Survey Classes, Budget Classes,
  • Platform for Group Discussion
  • 1 Year Validity