UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Pro for Civil Service Aspirants

  • We at IAS Origins understand the needs of an aspirant and bring you UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Pro.
  • We strongly recommend that every aspirant can become an officer if proper strategy is applied. 

Are you an UPSC IAS 2024 aspirant & not sure about self-study strategy? We’ve got you covered with UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Pro at 14,999. Every aspirant has to go through the dilemma of selecting the best study material from unending options. Based on our years of experience and a successful track record, we at IAS Origin have curated a tailored Self Study kit to suit your needs. 

Self Study for UPSC IAS: A Double Edged Sword for Future Civil Servant

Every year lakhs of aspirants prepare to clear one of the toughest examinations on the planet, the UPSC IAS. Its prescribed syllabus seems like a never ending ocean, and multiple options of study materials increases the confusion. Moreover, self study can be a friend and a foe for an aspirant. 

Spending hours in a strategic self study programme is imperative, a good strategy can be helpful while a bad one could cost an attempt. Also, proper assessment of preparation via trustworthy test series pattern is equally important. Hence we have curated a specialised program to help you in clearing prelims, the UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 pro. 

IAS Origin UPSC Self Study Kit 2024 Pro A guide for Civil Servants

Our experts have crafted the pro version of our prestigious and successful self study kit providing the following benefits. 

  • Prelims Test Series (50 Tests).
  • One-to-One Mentorship (Video Mentorship).
  • Personalised Time Table & Daily Reporting. 
  • Strategy Building.
  • Unlimited Doubt Resolution.
  • Daily Current Affairs PDFs.
  • CSAT Classes.
  • Economic Survey Classes.
  • Budget Classes.
  • Platform for Group Discussions.

In our Pro version, an aspirant will benefit from 50 tests series exclusively designed for Prelims. Apart from the tests, unlike others we facilitate one-to-one mentorship, in video format. Imagine having someone to guide you in every step of preparation, a scenario which greatly increases the chances for clearing the Prelims examination. 

Every aspirant is different, even if they all are appearing for the same test. Understanding this issue we help develop a personalised time table for you, and ensure it is followed by a daily reporting mechanism. Also, a great preparation strategy is equally important and we would help you craft a strategy. 

During preparation an aspirant has numerous doubts, and we solve this issue by providing unlimited doubt resolution options. We would also provide daily current affairs PDFs to keep you updated. In this version we also conduct live CSAT classes along with Economics survey and budget classes, to provide a holistic preparatory environment. 

Discussing on topics in group provides an aspirant an insight on different viewpoints and helps in touching the missed points. Therefore we facilitate platforms for group discussion. We at IAS Origin strongly believe that every aspirant has the potential to become an Officer. All the need is to take care of variables, book a consultation and get the UPSC IAS Self Study Kit 2024 Pro series. 

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